Last of 13 Cleveland cops questioned in shooting; Officers who didn't fire guns interviewed next

CLEVELAND - The last of the 13 Cleveland police officers who fired their guns killing two people after a 25-minute chase 11 days ago have finished being interviewed by state investigators with the Bureau of Criminal Investigation.

Now, another two dozen officers who did not use deadly force, but were involved with the chase will be interviewed about what they saw on Nov. 29. That's when Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams were shot to death behind Heritage Middle School in East Cleveland.

Also on Wednesday, Jeff Follmer, the head of the Cleveland police officer's union, said counselors have been brought in to meet with the officers and their wives.

"It's stressful for the officers involved in deadly force. We had a team come from Dayton yesterday to show support to them. The city doesn't have anything in place where these officers can reach out, other than our employee assistance. We used to have a doctor they used to be able to go to, but she hasn't been replaced yet," Follmer said.

Meanwhile, Rev. Jawanza Colvin, pastor of Olivet Institutional Baptist Church in Cleveland, wrote a letter to the United States Department of Justice asking for an investigation into the chase and shooting. Rev. Colvin also wants federal investigators to review the Cleveland Police Department's patterns and practices.

Colvin said the federal review would not only restore trust and confidence for Cleveland residents, but helps officers who do a dangerous job by the rules everyday.

"And so for those officers who have stayed within the policies and procedures of the protocols that are set for them, we want to make sure they are not besmirched by, in any way, shape or form by the unlawful unwarranted and unjustified acts of a few,  Rev. Colvin said.

The investigation could take several weeks.

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