Kallie re-introduced to former elephant companions at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

CLEVELAND - Cleveland Metroparks Zoo re-introduces its newest elephant resident, Kallie, with her former mate and friends.

Kallie, a 29-year-old African elephant, arrived in Cleveland Nov. 1 from Pittsburgh, and is on long-term loan from the Philadelphia Zoo.

Over the next several weeks, the 8,100-pound Kallie will be carefully re-introduced to the other five elephants in the African Elephant Crossing exhibit, including her former mate, Willy, and other friends Martika and Shenga. Kallie lived with the three in Florida during the early 1980s.

Visitors can now see Kallie in one of the elephant parlors in the visitor center while she's acclimating to her new environment.

Kallie's arrival marks the first time the Cleveland Zoo has had six elephants in its $25 million African Crossing exhibit.

"African Elephant Crossing is a world-class facility," said Philadelphia Zoo General Curator and Director of Conservation Kim Lengel in a news release. "I visited the exhibit this fall and saw the care and dedication of Cleveland's staff. I knew right away it would be an excellent home for Kallie."

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