Josh Mandel says he will represent everyone when elected to US Senate

Mandel: 'I feel good. I think we're going to win.'

COLUMBUS, Ohio - As we wait or the official votes to come in, State Treasurer Josh Mandel, running for the Senate seat against Senator Sherrod Brown, feels confident.

"I feel good. I think we are going to win," he said during an interview at the GOP election headquarters in Columbus. "It's going to be a squeaker."

Mandel sounded a tone that many Republicans across the country have stayed away from: a moderate.

"I look forward to bringing democrats and republicans together. I'll stand on principal always. What I believe in but I think I can do that in a bipartisan way."

Mandel's tone echoes the tone set by former governor Mitt Romney during the first debate with President Barack Obama. Former governor Bill Clinton referred to it as "old moderate Mitt." Whether it's too little too late remains to be seen.

The polls in Ohio will soon tell us what the voters think of this message: "Frankly, I don't care what the head of the Republican party says. I don't care what the head of the Democratic party says. I don't care what the lobbyist says. I'll only have one voice in Washington and it will be the 11.2 million people in Ohio," said a confident Mandel.

Mandel is at the Renaissance Hotel along with several other big name politicians like Gov. John Kasich, Sen. Rob Portman and Lt. Governor Mary Taylor -- all awaiting results.

"400,000 Ohioans are out of work and that's unacceptable," Mandel said. "I don't care about your race or religion. I will represent everyone in the state."

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