Iraq war turns 8

Mother of fallen American reacts

BRATENAHL, Ohio - The mother of a Euclid man killed seven years ago in Iraq believes her son and thousands of other Americans died in vain. "If you ask my opinion, after eight years of the Iraqi war, it was all in vain,"  Donna Zovko said.

Donna's son, Jerry, was working for a civiliian security contractor in Fallujah when he and three co-workers were ambushed and murdered, their bodies dragged through the streets and left hanging from a bridge. 

Donna said the contracting firm has never returned all of Jerry's personal belongings, including his cell phone, laptop, and diary.  A lawsuit seeking those items and answers to questions surrounding the ambush was never settled.

However, Jerry Zovka's name lives on in his father's native Hercegovina.  Donna built a school there for 1st through 4th grades with money people donated when Jerry died. 

There will be a special mass for Jerry on March 31st at 7:00 PM at St. Paul Croatian Church, 1369 E. 40th Street, Cleveland.


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