In wake of ‘zombie-like' attacks, Ohio City restaurant's bath salts tweet sparks Twitter discussion

CLEVELAND - Margarita and bath salts – not a combination to produce a good night out on the town.

But a local establishment suggested that very concoction on Twitter Monday night and left some wondering what they were thinking.

SOHO Kitchen and Bar in Ohio City tweeted "summer cocktail tip: for an element of unpredictability, try rimming your margarita w/ bath salts."

NewsChannel5 followers called the tweet "very dangerous" and "ignorant."

Judith Kirby tweeted "Public reaction to a remark like that could CLOSE that business."

SOHO deleted its tweet and apologized for the comment, tweeting "very, very sorry to all offended by our bath salts comment! poor judgment on our part."

It's a comment that comes at a time when bath salts are sparking discussion across the country.

Lawmakers have called them "dangerous drugs" and police said it may have led to the recent ‘zombie-like' attack in Miami, where a man ate off about three-quarters of a homeless man's face.

That attack is just one of a number of incidents police believe to be spurred by people high on bath salts.

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