Homicide numbers for the city of Cleveland up in 2014; some cases have no leads

CLEVELAND - Police in Cleveland are still searching for the answers to the death of 28-year-old Matthew Huffman.

Huffman was killed Dec. 9, 2013 in the 14500 block of Lorain Avenue, near the RTA station, while he was helping a friend who was the victim of a robbery.

Huffman was shot in the chest by three suspects. The three took the 28-year-old's ID and cell phone.

Now, nearly 100 days later police still have no leads in the case and three suspects are at large.

As of March 17, Cleveland police report 19 homicides for the city of Cleveland in 2014 alone. This is the highest number of homicides in the past five years, and it's only March.

"When you look at right now, we haven't even had 19 weeks and we've already had 19 murders,” Councilman Zack Reed said.  

Tuesday night the family of Huffman held a vigil to pay tribute to the 28-year-old.

Huffman's mother, Mary Ann, has a message for her son's killers.  

"And you know, he is gone and I will never get to see him get married, I will never get to see him have any children. I spent my life tying to keep him safe and happy and you took that away from me."

This YouTube video was also created in Huffman's memory:

Huffman's murder is one of the unsolved cases in Cleveland.

Police are also still searching for the killer of Cleveland Clinic worker Steven Halton Jr. 

Halton was on his way to the Clinic when he was shot and killed January 11, 2014 .

Councilman Reed said Cleveland is in need of more policing in the high crime areas.

"First of all we, need to community policing. Police officers need to be walking and talking now. The fact is they need to be more engaged with the community as a whole.”

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