Hidden dangers are threats to Northeast Ohio beach goers, but who will answer a call for help?

CLEVELAND - Rising temperatures Labor Day weekend will draw big crowds to Northeast Ohio beaches.

Several signs warn visitors of hidden dangers at scenic Euclid Beach.

Rip currents and no lifeguards on duty are two of those risks, but if you call for help will anybody answer?

Cleveland Metro Parks recently installed solar powered emergency call boxes at Euclid beach.

Push a button and a park ranger answers immediately.

Or, so that's how it's suppose to work.

The new sleek, white call box has the word emergency spelled out on it vertically in blue.

There's a blue light on top and a button on the front with a speaker.

There was an orange cone and yellow tape around the call box recently, but the cone and tape were recently removed signaling the call box was ready to be used in case of an emergency.

Two people drowned at Euclid Beach this summer and one person drowned at the same beach last summer.

Heading into the busy and warm Labor Day weekend, I showed up at the beach and asked permission from park officials if I could push the call button and see if the call box worked.

I was told yes and that it would operate as designed.

But no one answered, after I pushed the emergency call button.

Instead there was 20 minutes of dial tone coming from the call box.

Captain Jack Hall with the Cleveland Metro Park Rangers immediately came to the beach and tried the call box himself with the same result.

Captain Hall thanked NewsChannel5 for alerting them to the safety issue, then he called in a team of technicians to fix the call box while he contacted the manufacturer in Wisconsin.

Several hours later the call box was fixed and a park ranger immediately answered after another test call.

Hall said they've been using the same type of emergency call box at Huntington Beach in Bay Village for four years successfully, and the parks plan to add more of the call boxes to area beaches.

Several beach goers said they were relieved the call box is working.

The same beach goers remarked how drastically improved beaches and parks are since Cleveland Metro Parks recently started operating the beaches.

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