Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority (RTA) plans major repairs for 44-year-old Red Line rail

CLEVELAND - The Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority (RTA) has major repairs planned for the 44-year-old Red Line rail tunnel that extends 1,600 feet under Cleveland Hopkins International Airport.

The rail tunnel is scheduled to close Tuesday, Nov. 27. Engineers estimate that the $10.1 million project will take about six months to complete.

Bus service

During the shutdown, RTA will operate bus service between the bus stop area on the east side of the Brookpark Station and the limousine staging area near the Airport terminal.

Customers should allow extra time to reach the Airport, or to arrive at their final destination from the airport.

Buses will have destination signs that read "Red Line".  Bus service will be coordinated with the rail schedule, Buses will operate every 20 minutes until Dec. 9, when they will begin operating every 15 minutes.

Fare Collection

TO THE AIRPORT (CLE): If you transfer from the Red Line to the bus, use the proof-of-payment (POP) pass or farecard that you carried while riding the Red Line. Show it to the operator as you board the bus to the Airport.

LEAVING THE AIRPORT (CLE) : If you start your trip on the bus at Hopkins, pay the operator and request a proof-of-payment document. Keep that with you until you have left the Red Line.

Fares (same prices as rest of the system)

- $2.25 is the one-way fare (does not include transfers)
- 5-trip card for $11.25 includes transfer on each trip. It's good for Blue/Green or bus transfers to Red Line.
- $5 all-day pass (includes transfers)


Earlier this year, the RTA Board of Trustees awarded a contract to restore and improve the tunnel's drainage, track, structure and safety systems. The tunnel begins just east of State Route 237. It continues under an airport access road and parking lot to an RTA station at the end of the line, inside the Airport terminal building.

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