Greater Cleveland Habitat for Humanity truck stripped by thieves

CLEVELAND - Thieves targeted the Greater Cleveland Habitat for Humanity over the weekend, stealing the tires right off Habitat's ReStore Truck. The truck is used to pick up donated items that are then resold by Habitat in their own store which helps fund their construction projects.

The thieves also took the front doors and the two front seats out of the truck. The front grill and bumper are also missing.

When employees got to work Monday, the truck was sitting on cinder blocks. It was parked in a lit area at Habitat's headquarters on West 110th Street when employees left Saturday at 4 p.m.

"It's a psychological loss," said Greater Cleveland Habitat for Humanity executive director John Habat. "We are trying to do good in the community, even here on Earth Day. The ReStore processes things so they don't end up in landfills."

Habat said the new truck was just leased in September and had just been customized. He estimates several thousand dollars worth of damage was done to it.

"The ReStore, Habitat for Humanity, we are out there helping people who really need our help and the kind of folks who do this don't care about what we are trying to accomplish and who we're trying to help."

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