'Great Big Potato Truck' showcasing giant potato visits Cleveland

28-foot long spud gets plenty of attention

CLEVELAND - How lucky can Cleveland get? First the opening of the new casino and now a visit from a giant potato.

The Idaho Potato Commission is celebrating its 75th anniversary and raising funds for Meals on Wheels by traveling the country with a specially "cultivated" 28-foot long, 12-foot wide and 11.5-foot tall Idaho potato. It's called the "Great Big Potato Truck."

Traveling on a 48-foot long flatbed trailer, the spud weighs 12,130 pounds and would make more than 1,450,000 fries.

Want it baked? It will take almost three years to cook before it's ready, and it would need more sour cream than a herd of cows could produce.

The most asked question," Is it real?" Well, the world record potato weighed in at 11 pounds, so  you'll have to decide for yourself (However, some in the newsroom believed that it was real, but I'm not naming names).

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