GE employees teach high school students how to market products

GE teaches students marketing skills

EAST CLEVELAND - Students at GE Lighting 's MC2 Stem High School went through a new product introduction exercise at the Nela Park campus in East Cleveland.

The simulated trade show, held for the past five years, gives students real-world experience creating business plans and presenting their lighting product to potential customers. Nearly 90 students took part in the year-long program created by Cleveland Metropolitan School District and GE.

The "customers" for the program were GE employees who listened as students pitched their product and services they provide. Each student team created a business and marketing plan for LED infusion modules that can be used to light retail store interiors, restaurants or displays. As GE workers visited each display, students explained what their product can do.

GE Lighting's Andrea Timan said students learn what needs to happen after a product, like a new lighting system, is created: "What's the process that you have to do, from essentially an idea to having it on the store shelf."

GE employees review each presentation, which helps determine each student company team grade.

Selmar Dorsey, a GE engineer, was one of the faux customers at the event. He tutors many of students that were here today. His evaluation of each student team was based on several key points.

"How well they're knowledgeable about the product, about the market in which they're targeting and about the capability of the whole team."

Arianna West, a sophomore, said the GE/MC2 Stem High School partnership is rewarding.

"I've had a great experience here so far," said West. "The GE employees give us a lot of their wisdom that they have had over the years working here and they they want us to feel like we have become one of them."

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