Frost advisory brings dose of reality for northeast Ohioans not ready for drop in mercury

Homeowners concerned about saving flowers

CLEVELAND - Frost advisories and cold temperatures Monday morning forced northeast Ohioans to face the reality that winter is right around the corner. That did not mean they had to like that reality.

"I am not ready," said Lea Lucchesi of Westlake. "That's why we are out today trying to enjoy the last sunshine, no rain and just soak in the park time as much as we can with my two little ones."

Even though Target at Steelyard Commons has not out its winter selection of coats, hats and gloves for another couple weeks yet, that did not stop Mike Quinones from shopping early to prepare for cold temperatures ahead.

"I pretty much need a coat because it is pretty chilly out right now," said Quinones. "I know this is fall now, so it is pretty much get out here and do a little bit of shopping."

While some homeowners in Cleveland's West Park neighborhood had their pumpkins and scarecrows on display, other residents hung on to colorful signs of summer with hanging plants and flowers in their front yards.

Puritas Nursery received calls from homeowners concerned about cold weather impacting their flowers and plants.

"Any of the mums or pansies or the flowering cabbage or kale actually like a frost," said Puritas Nursery owner Dale Heyink. "You don't have to worry about them. They'll flower right through it. If you want to save your petunias or your geraniums, you need to cover them if there is a frost advisory."

Retired postal carrier Jerry Nusbaum was out walking his dog Sparky in his West Park neighborhood. Delivering mail for nearly 30 years had him ready for all weather conditions. Jerry awaited whatever mother nature brought.

"Doesn't matter. You just have to prepare for it," said Nusbaum.

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