Friend of Cleveland kidnapping and rape suspect Ariel Castro recalls noises, multiple locks on door

'I would have helped those kids a long time ago'

CLEVELAND - A longtime friend and fellow musician of suspect Ariel Castro described odd noises inside the house just last week.

Castro is accused of holding three women captive for about a decade and appeared in court on Thursday on kidnapping and rape charges.

"It was somebody banging, trying to hit the walls, that's what I hear," said Ricky Sanchez, a Brunswick resident. "It was kind of like a deep noise – boom, boom."

Sanchez said he's visited Castro's home more than 15 times in the 12 years that he's known him.

"I look at that house, and I've been living in a total lie," he said.

Sanchez is still in shock that police said three women and a little girl were held captive in the Seymour Avenue house – oftentimes on the second floor.

"For me, being in that house on the second level and not even have a clue, he didn't have any clue for people to see," said Sanchez who added that he would play bass with Castro in his living room.

Sanchez said Castro never mentioned the kidnapped women: Michelle Knight, Gina DeJesus and Amanda Berry. He said he never saw women's belongings in the house. But he did meet Berry and Castro's daughter, Jocelyn, when he was visiting Castro's residence last week.

"She didn't say a word to me," he said. "She was constantly looking at my face."

Shy and withdrawn was how Sanchez described the 6-year-old.

The front door on Castro's house also seemed odd to Sanchez. He said at least five locks secured the entrance. The contraption was so complex that Sanchez recalled having to ask his friend for help in opening the door so he could leave.

"I couldn't get out," he said.

If only Sanchez knew that others in the house couldn't get out either, he said he would immediately try to rescue them.

"I wish I would have known something," he said. "I would have helped those kids a long time ago."

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