Former prison inmates are spreading messages of wisdom, hope and inspiration in the community

CLEVELAND - Darrell Houston spent 16 years in jail for a murder he did not commit.

A seven year ‘On Your Side' investigation by NewsChannel 5 proved that no physical evidence tied him to a murder in 1992.

Now, as a free man, Houston is making sure he gives hope and change back to the Cleveland community.

At Fresh Wind Ministry, there was a different type of service on Sunday. Three former local prison inmates, including Houston, spoke to the congregation about how they turned their lives around.

"We just want to show the community that you going whatever you went through in your life, that you can come out here and be a productive citizen. And we just want to give back to the community," Houston said.

As the men talked about how they changed their lives, they also talked about how hope was important to them while they were imprisoned

"A lot of guys in prison have lost hope, and we're here today to talk about how you must get some hope. Family's have got to reach out to these guys that are locked up and instill hope in them," said Lewis Rucker, another former inmate.

The former inmates want to continue to show the community a positive image of themselves by giving back and working with the Cleveland community to help deter others away from a criminal lifestyle.

"I decided in jail that I want to be a part of the community instead of being against the community," Rucker said.

And the people at Fresh Wind Ministry were moved and inspired by their messages Sunday.

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