Former Cleveland reporter, Jack Marschall, opens up about past of depression

CLEVELAND - The sudden death of Hollywood comedian and actor Robin Williams has touched so many people.

But, it has also brought up the issue of depression and dealing with it before things get too late.

"I didn't have the guts to take my own life but I was wishing someone would take my own life,” said Jack Marschall.

You might remember Marschall as a NewsChannel5 reporter.

As a reporter, he was a gifted storyteller who knew how to tell the big story.

And, as his nature, Marschall once again goes after the big story. But this story is about himself and how, like Williams, he too has had to deal with depression.

"I wanted to hide the fact that I was going through depression. I hurt so bad that I tried to put on that mask that I was feeling and acting okay, that I was happy Jack that everybody knew and I was anything but,” Marschall reflected.

Since those dark days, Marschall wrote a book about depression called Shades of Gray. He hopes the death of Williams will get people talking about the issue and get them to deal with it quicker.

"You can't wait. It could save your own life and a lot of times we think, I will do it tomorrow or I'll do it the next day, I'm working this week. I don't have time. You have to make time,” Marschall said.

Although he didn't take his life like the Hollywood actor did, he says at one point in his life he hoped someone else would.

"I was hoping maybe I would die in a car crash, I was hoping maybe someone would rob me and shoot me; and yet when I think back to those thoughts that I had at that time it makes me very sad. Today it makes me thankful that I can talk to people and say I made it, I got my life back."


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