Fallen soldiers remembered this Memorial Day

CLEVELAND - The Lakeview Cemetery held what it calls the longest continuing ceremony in honor of fallen soldiers in Cleveland Monday morning.

The event was held on the grounds of the President Garfield Monument on the historic campus.

The Boulevard of 500 flags, which started as a memorial to local veterans after Sept. 11, 2001 was visited by many Monday who wanted to remember their loved ones and friends.

Vietnam veteran, Robert Brandt, and his wife spent time in the park paying tribute to their loved ones.

"The day is especially special to me because I lost several friends in that war, many of them are represented here," he said. "it means so much for everybody we left behind that are still living to remember those who gave their lives for this country."

The 500 flags represent all local veterans and presently 1,000 names are attached to the 500 flagstaffs. The flags fly at half-staff for those killed in action.

The eternal flame was burning to commemorate the arrival of the Olympic torch in 1996.

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