Fake charity suspect 'Bobby Thompson' will not serve as own lead attorney

Thompson had wanted court appointed co-counsel

CLEVELAND - The suspect who used the name "Bobby Thompson" when he allegedly bilked over $2 million from donors to a scam charity will not represent himself in court after all.

Thompson had filed a motion to be his own lead counsel and have the court appoint an attorney to be his co-counsel. But at a pretrial hearing Thursday morning, Judge Annette Butler questioned Thompson on his background and ability to defend himself to charges that could result in a sentence of 80 years if convicted.

Judge Butler then told Thompson that he could be his own attorney, but she would not appoint an attorney to aid him in his efforts.

Defend himself or have a lawyer defend him were the choices Thompson was faced with.

Visibly unhappy with those options, Thompson finally decided to allow attorney Mark Stanton to act on his behalf in all court proceedings. He also signed a waiver of speedy trial that extends through this year.

A trial date has not been set. Thompson remains in jail. He's being held without bond.

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