Explosion, homes evacuated at E. 112th Street and Sandusky Avenue in Cleveland

CLEVELAND - An explosion just after 12:30 p.m. Thursday leveled a home at E. 112th Street & Sandusky on Cleveland's east side.

Neighbor Charles Brown said the explosion knocked him off balance in his kitchen across the street. "You put four or five grenades together and let them go off at the same time," Brown said that 's what it sounded like.

"I ran outside, looked up in the air and there wasn't nothing but debris falling from the sky," he said.

Dominion Gas crews were busy late in the afternoon going through what was the basement of the 1941 brick Cape Cod looking for the cause of the explosion.

Debbie Jenkins said the home was owned by her mother who recently moved out and had the property listed for sale.

"Even though it was vacant and it was on the market she owned it for 47 years," Jenkins said. "So it's not just like a vacant piece of property you know it's a house where we spent our lives growing up."

No one was injured in the blast and despite its force only two nearby homes suffered damage in the form of broken windows.


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