Ex-Cleveland Browns player Bob Golic hosts 'Saved by the Bell' trivia night at his Cleveland bar

Former Browns player starred in sequel

CLEVELAND - If you remember Zach Morris and his Bayside pals, then you may have scored straight As at Bob Golic's Sports Bar and Grille Thursday night.

A "Saved by the Bell" trivia night took center stage at the Warehouse District establishment.

The TV show aired from 1989 through 1993 on NBC and the Disney Channel.

Former Cleveland Browns great Bob Golic starred in the sequel, "Saved by the Bell: The College Years" for a season (1993-1994). Golic played retired football player Mike Rogers, a college dorm resident assistant.

"It was a year after I retired from the NFL,"he said. "Thank God I did it because it was hard to retire and if I just sat there and watched football, I would have lost my mind. Doing something goofy with a bunch of kids worked out well for me."

Golic asked the first trivia question of the evening: What NFL team did his character play for before retiring? Answer:The San Francisco 49ers.

Screech, Slater and Mr. Belding would be proud if you got that correct.

Golic hosts a radio talk show on WNIR 100.1.

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