European-style hostel coming to Cleveland's Ohio City

CLEVELAND - Hostels are all over Europe, but now one man wants to open one right here in Cleveland. The goal is to have a cheap, but safe place for visitors to stay.

"Hey guys come on in," said Alex Nosse to customers at Joy Machines Bike Shop on West 25th Street in Cleveland. There is a "come on in" spirit in Cleveland's Ohio City neighborhood. Nosse set up his bicycle shop near the West Side Market because there's a lot of foot and bike traffic, and a lot of energy..

"There's a lot of creative people with energy and optimism around." Nosse said. Nosse is among a growing number of young entrepreneurs who see opportunity in Ohio City.

He's thrilled to hear a hostel is opening above the new Campbell's Sweets Factory across from the West Side Market.

A hostel is a budget inn, with dorm like-rooms where travelers who like to experience unique cities can share rooms and a kitchen for 25 bucks a night.

"I like people that travel. I'm a traveler, aren't we all travelers?"
said bicyclist John McGovern.

He predicts a hostel in Ohio City will be a big draw and he predicts new housing for this growing Cleveland neighborhood.

"After all these service base businesses open there's going to be small residential housing and new housing because this area is about to burst wide open is unique and popular because there's great places to eat and have coffee so much street life."

Thirty-year-old Ashtabula County native Mark Raymond, who has stayed at hostels all over Europe while traveling, is the man who thinks it's time for a hostel in Cleveland. He'll live in the hostel and hopes his idea is popular.

"I hope we can attract people from all over the world and let them see Cleveland and have a great time in a unique city. Other cities like New York and Chicago are great but people want to see different places." Raymond said.

The hostel is expected to open by May and have enough beds for 60 people.

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