Etch A Sketch art paves the way for unique mural inside Cleveland's Horseshoe Casino

CLEVELAND - George Vlosich III is known for his amazing talent with an Etch A Sketch not just here in Cleveland, but around the country. Vlosich has been featured on dozens of shows including Oprah and Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Since 1989, at just 10 years of age, Vlosich has been perfecting his talent on the Etch A Sketch.

Now, he is making his mark on Cleveland's new Horseshoe Casino. His latest Etch A Sketch has been converted into a 30-foot mural showcasing some of Cleveland's biggest names. It was etched with one continuous line.

Visitors to the casino will see the mural near the buffet, on the lower level near the Tower City entrance. The original etch, which took about 150 hours to complete, is hanging on the wall beside the mural. Both the Etch A Sketch and the mural are permanent.

The mural was created from two different etches. The main one shows prominent Clevelanders including Bob Hope, Halle Berry, Drew Carey and Paul Newman along with Cleveland sports icons Bob Feller, Jim Brown and Austin Carr. Vlosich also included the "The Man of Steel," Superman, who was created in Cleveland during the 1930s.

"My goal was to showcase the history of Cleveland through some of our prominent people," said George.

To make the mural, Vlosich created the painting then took the line work from the original etch and added it over the paint. He said he has been experimenting with this for a few years.

"I have really tried to push what I can do with the Etch a Sketch to make it more fine art and take it beyond just the red Etch frame."

A mural in the Positively Cleveland visitors center was Vlosich's first real effort at this. It was completed last year. The project was so successful that he was asked to create something for the Horseshoe Casino.

Vlosich said his next step is to take his Etch art murals and create t-shirts with the images.

You can check out all of his original artwork at . GV Art & Design features all kinds of products including "Cleveland That I Love" apparel.

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