Elias Acevedo pleads guilty to 297 charges, including murders of Pamela Pemberton & Christina Adkins

CLEVELAND - Elias Acevedo has pleaded guilty to 297 charges, including murders of Pamela Pemberton and Christina Adkins.

That plea agreement included two homicides, a 1993 rape and the rapes of three children.

FBI special agent Andrew Burke testified Monday that, during an October 10 interview, Acevedo confessed to the rape of three children and to the two murders. 

Acevedo told Burke he snapped and strangled Adkins after raping her because he feared she would tell her boyfriend. 

Burke said Acevedo also confessed to raping and then killing Pamela Pemberton.

With Christina Adkins' sister Tonia in court for Monday's hearing, Acevedo was sentenced to 445 years to life in prison without parole.

Three women who were raped by Acevedo when they were children testified in court.

Pamela Pemberton's sister said she feels grateful Acevedo won't be able to hurt another person.

Acevedo told the court he's sorry for his actions and asked his victims and their families for their forgiveness.

He sobbed during the victim impact statements and said if he "had a wish" he would "change everything that happened."  

"I'm not a monster," Acevedo said.

Theresa Perez, Acevedo's sister-in-law, testified in court that he raped her in 1993.

She called him a "sick, evil monster."

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