Dyngus Day celebration spreading in Cleveland west side neighborhoods

Tremont neighborhood joins Polish party

CLEVELAND - If you listen closely, the sound of polka music can be heard. It's coming from accordions being tuned up for the growing celebration of Dyngus Day on Cleveland's near west side.

This week, NewsChannel5 found two polka players spreading cheer in the Gordon Square area of the Detroit Shoreway neighborhood. If you watch the video, you will hear a rollicking version of "Grab Your Bowling Balls".

Justin Gorski, Jake Kouwe and other squeezebox players, will march in this year's Cleveland Dyngus Day accordion parade at 5 p.m., Monday, April 1 on West 58th Street near Detroit Avenue.

Dyngus is a Polish and Eastern European tradition dating back hundreds of years which marks the end of Lent. Dyngus Day is always the Monday immediately following Easter.

In America, Dyngus celebrations have been largely limited to ethnic communities in the Great Lakes region.

PHOTOS | See all of the places you can celebrate Dyngus Day this year: http://5.wews.com/jtIKA

Three years ago, a group of three Cleveland tavern owners began Dyngus Day festivities featuring traditional Polish food and drink, the accordion parade and Miss Dyngus pageant.

This year the Dyngus Day merriment is spreading beyond the original "Polish Triangle" centered near Gordon Square.

In addition to 10 Detroit Shoreway venues, a handful of establishments in the Tremont neighborhood are also hosting special Dyngus celebrations.

Below is a list of participating Dyngus Day locations:


Sokolowski's University Inn
1201 University Rd.
Cleveland, OH  44113

1930 Columbus Road
Cleveland, OH  44113

Tremont Tap House
2572 Scranton Road
Cleveland, OH  44113

Prosperity Social Club
1109 Starkweather Avenue
Cleveland, OH  44113

Roosevelt Polish Veterans Post 58
2442 Professor Avenue
Cleveland, OH  44113

The South Side
2207 West 11th Street
Cleveland, OH  44113

Detroit Shoreway

Parkview Niteclub
1261 West 58th Street
Cleveland, OH  44102

Happy Dog
5801 Detroit Avenue
Cleveland, OH  44102

1261 West 76th Street
Cleveland, OH  44107

Battery Park Wine Bar
7524 Father Frascati Avenue
Cleveland, OH  44102

6605 Detroit Avenue
Cleveland, OH  44102
XYZ Tavern
6419 Detroit Avenue
Cleveland, OH  44102
5800 Detroit Avenue
Cleveland, OH  44102
coming to 1365 West 65th Street
Cleveland, OH  44102
Sterle's Country House
1401 East 55th Street
Cleveland, OH  44103
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