Barack Obama, Mitt Romney campaign trail: do rallies matter when it comes to your vote?

You might be wondering who the presidential candidates are trying to reach out to as they crisscross the Buckeye State with these quick mini rallies? If you were thinking it's your friend who still hasn't made up their mind your wrong. It's probably you.
"This is not about independent voters," said Tom Sutton, Baldwin Wallace political science professor and NewsChannel5 political analyst. "It's about getting those folks out you know are going to vote for you. But you got to make sure that vote happens though early balloting or voting on election day."
A Time Magazine poll released Thursday showed of all the early voters in Ohio, 60 percent have voted for the president, while 30 percent have voted for former governor Mitt Romney. The poll also asked those yet to vote and it resulted in a tie: 45 percent each for the two presidential candidates.
Clearly, anyone's game.
Romney started his three city tour Thursday in Cincinnati and will finish in Defiance. Barack Obama swung through eight states and will end Thursday night in Cleveland before heading back home.
We walked around the city asking if these rallies really matter and if it would change people's votes.
"No," said Jennifer Mullin. "[They're] pretty much pulling all strings [they] can to get the vote."
Chaz Mitchell had a different opinion. "I'm sticking firm with my vote. I know that I am going with Obama and nothing can change that."
Do the rallies matter to you? Have they changed your vote? Tell us in a comment below.
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