DeJesus family hit the streets in search of missing people in Cuyahoga County

CLEVELAND - The family of Gina DeJesus hit the streets near Seymour Avenue armed with flyers for the missing people in Cuyahoga County.

They were accompanied by Cleveland police and the Guardian Angels, as all three groups knocked on doors reminding people about those who are still missing in the area.

“I’m out here today to get this message out that we need to pay attention and get these girls home,” said Jackie Roman, second cousin to Gina DeJesus. "We need to pay attention and wake up because these people are missing and they don’t need to be missing,” she continued.

Roman, along with another family member who asked not to be named, walked a few blocks in and around West 25th Street and Seymour Avenue. The flyers featured 50-year-old Jonni Perkins, missing since May 27, 2001.

Another person on the flyer was 59-year-old Marie Hullum, missing since October 3, 2012. Police have no leads in those cases.

“No matter where you’re at or where you live, where you come from, with money or without, this doesn’t happen just in the inner city,” Roman said. “We must protect these girls from these things happening,” she said.

“We just want people to continue to be pro-active,” said Pastor Angel Arroyo, with the Guardian Angles. “If we can get the TV stations to cover at least 4 people a day, that can be four people that could be possibly found,” Arroyo said.

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