Decision in deadly Cleveland police chase,shooting sparks protest city hall Monday

CLEVELAND - Protestors outside Cleveland City Hall Monday were not satisfied with the grand jury decision in the 2012 police chase and shooting that left the two unarmed people they were chasing dead.

"We call this patty cake justice," Community Activist Art McKoy said.

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The grand jury indicted Patrolman Michael Brelo on two counts of voluntary manslaughter. Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Tim McGinty said Brelo fired at least 15 shots, including the shots that killed Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams, after the police chase had ended. 

A total of 137 shots were fired at Russell and Williams. No charges were filed against twelve other officers who also fired their weapons.

"The others should have at least received manslaughter and Brelo should have gotten no less than murder," Community Activist Abduld Qawi said.

The protestors want a meeting with the chairman of city council's safety committee to talk about drug tests for police officers.

Their next protest is planned for Tuesday outside McGinty's office at the Justice Center.

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