Dealing with winter weather blues

Don't let the cold get you down

CLEVELAND - The sun may be out and the pavement dry, but the cold temperatures and huge snow piles are a sign that we're not out of the winter woods yet.

"The winter has been long," said NewsChannel5 meteorologist Jason Nicholas. "Especially since 2014 started. January, well below average temperatures and above average snowfall."

To turn a phrase, Clevelanders don't always need a weatherman to tell "which way the temperature goes."

"It's been cold and too much snow," said Lee Ware.

"Man, it's been brutal," Wayne Dancie told NewsChannel 5.

Sandy Rice likes the change of seasons. But for her, this winter stands out."It's the longest winter and the coldest winter and the most snow that I can remember."

Cold winters in Cleveland are nothing new, but clinical psychologist Eric Kortanek, Psy.D. said the long stretches of bleak winter weather can take their toll on your mood.

"It's tiring," said Kortanek. "People become fatigued and just bothered by it. Depression raises a little bit, irritability, sometimes people feel a little bit more on edge, a short fuse kind of thing."

So what's a Clevelander to do?

Kortanek also suggests avoid eating junk food, get out and get as much exercise as you can, and think ahead to what spring and summer have to offer.

"Positive visualization." says Kortanek. "Thinking about that it's going to end first and foremost. The appreciation that you're going to have when spring and summer rolls around. Kind of put yourself in a different place."

Hopefully, that warmer, drier place will be here before we know it.

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