Deadly shooting expected to be reenacted Saturday according to East Cleveland Mayor

CLEVELAND - East Cleveland Mayor Gary Norton said he’s been lead to believe that a reenactment of the deadly police shooting will happen Saturday.

Norton said the city received a call from the Bureau of Criminal Investigation about closing down roads near Heritage Middle School. That’s where Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams would be shot and killed after 137 shots were fired.

The chase started in Cleveland on November 29, 2012 and would last for just over 20 minutes before Russell pulled his car into the school parking lot. An officer testified during the Attorney General’s investigation that Russell was coming at him with his car, which is why he fired shots.

Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Tim McGinty has convened a grand jury, but not much is known about its status.

NewsChannel5 security analyst Tim Dimoff believes the reenactment could be for the grand jury as prosecutors look to put their case together.

“It’s a strong indication without a doubt,” Dimoff said. “That they are going to aggressively go after law enforcement officers. They’re going to go after multiple charges."

The prosecutor’s office declined comment on this story along with the families of Russell and Williams.

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