Dad of third East Cleveland murder victim Shirellda Terry thinks his daughter's killer should suffer

CLEVELAND - Van Terry stopped by the site Tuesday afternoon along the St. Clair Avenue where volunteers have been handing out fliers with his daughter's picture on it.

Shirellda Terry, 18, disappeared after last being seen in this block around 1:30 p.m. July 10 as she made her way home early from work.

Terry went to see his mother who had been handing out the fliers hoping to find her granddaughter.

"Ride with me," he asked her. The news he had to share was the worst any parent could ever share: His daughter was gone.

Terry learned Tuesday that the third body found over the weekend in East Cleveland was his daughter.

"It's final," he said coming to grips with what he'd just been told. "The tears have poured, the pain is there and it's final - right now we just got to move to the next step."

When news broke over the weekend of the bodies found in East Cleveland Shirellda Terry's family held out hope that she wasn't one of the victims, that she would somehow come home.

Michael Madison, 35, has been charged with the three deaths and sits behind bars on $6 million bond. Terry said he hopes if he's convicted, that's where he stays for the rest of his life.

"I don't want him to get the death penalty to be honest with you. Release him inside the (prison) population and let him deal with it every day of his life. That's what I think; I think he should suffer like we suffered," Terry said.

Shirellda Terry was a teen who loved books, her family said. She was very religious, finding great joy in both Bible study and praise dancing.

"Right now, baby go ahead and do your prayer dance for the lord himself - you up there with him - do your dance for him," Terry said in a message to his daughter. "I know that's who she's dancing for right now, the lord."

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