Cuyahoga County gives food trucks a place to park while city works to change law

CLEVELAND - While the city of Cleveland actively works to adapt city laws to accommodate food trucks in the downtown area, Cuyahoga County announced it is designating a place for food trucks to park.

According to a news release from county executive Ed FitzGerald's office, the county has identified a place outside its administration building for Dim and Den Sum to park its food truck on Friday, April 22 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

FitzGerald said he wanted to help after hearing about the difficulties the owner of the food truck, Chris Hodgson, has had in parking downtown.

Current city law does not have any provisions for food truck parking in downtown areas, where Hodgsen said most of his business is generated.

"This is the kind of creative enterprise that we need in our community. When we saw that Chris was close to a solution but was experiencing some delays, we realized that we have a good location on our property for use by a food truck," said FitzGerald.

Cuyahoga County is not charging a fee for Dim and Den Sum to park there, and said it is open to allowing other food trucks park there in the same time period.

The location the county is designating for the trucks is in a parking area just west of the county building at 1219 Ontario Street – across the street from the Justice Center.

Cleveland City Council said changes to the law are going through the process right now and are expected to be passed in early May.
The proposed legislation allows for food truck parking anywhere on East 9th Street and the CSU campus as pilots.

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