CMSD officer crashes into utility pole after swerving to miss a deer on Harvard Avenue

CLEVELAND - A Cleveland Metropolitan School District police officer crashed his police cruiser into a utility pole at East 110th Street and Harvard Avenue just before 3 a.m. Tuesday.

The officer was walking around the scene after the crash and appeared to have only minor cuts and scrapes.

Police said that the officer was eastbound on Harvard Avenue just before East 110th Street when a deer crossed his path, the officer swerved to miss the deer and lost control of his police car striking a utility pole.

The car struck the pole between the driver's side front and back doors. The rear door was nearly ripped from the police car. The wires and equipment on top of the utility pole appeared broken but power was not disrupted to the area.

Police said that a combination of wet roads and poor tire tread may have lead to the crash.

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