Clevelanders indulge with Paczki's on Fat Tuesday

Fat Tuesday Cleveland style

PARMA, Ohio - New Orleans may have their floats and parades celebrating  Fat Tuesday, but  Clevelanders have a much more refined tradation: Paczki Day.

What can be better than an overstuffed jelly style donut made with extra egg yokes and liberally dusted with powdered sugar? With 600 calories, the Paczki is a Polish tradition to be enjoyed the day before the beginning of the Lent.

Angelo Colazza of  "Colazza's Bakery" in Parma has been making Paczkis  for more than 30 years. Parma has a large Polish community and Angelo said that they follow the "When in Rome" philosophy to enjoy the Paczkis for the day before Lent.

With over 600 calories of sweet goodness packed into each fat Paczki, any thoughts of healthy living or maintaining that diet plan are thrown right  out the window.

Weather you choose apple, lemon, custard or any of the other dozen flavors, remind yourself that it's only for one day and you can "Pay the Piper " for the next six weeks of Lent.

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