Cleveland waits as they continue in the running for both 2016 Republican & Democratic Conventions

CLEVELAND - In the last century a single city has hosted both the Republican and Democratic National Conventions in the same year. Chicago did it three times in 1932, 1944 and 1952, Philadelphia did in 1948 and Miami Beach the most recent to do it in 1972.

As Republican and Democratic site selection committees whittle down their list of potential host cities Cleveland remains the only city in the running for both.

For the RNC the competition remains Dallas, Denver and Kansas City while on the Democratic side the cities submitting bids along with Cleveland include Columbus and Phoenix which were eliminated in the first round of cuts for the RNC, Brooklyn, Philadelphia and Birmingham, Alabama which submitted an unsolicited bid.

Republicans are much further ahead in their site selection process and are hoping to make a decision at their August meeting in Chicago. RNC Chair Reince Priebus said because of that there is no competition with the Democrats. "No because we're so far ahead of the DNC that we'll get first pick so," he said.

The RNC completed their site visitation process last week, now cities have time to tweak their bids to make them more appealing.

No timeline has been set for when the DNC Site Selection Committee will make their visits.

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