Cleveland survives Friday the 13th

Bad luck just a myth

CLEVELAND - If Friday the 13th is really bad luck, you'd never know it at Horseshoe Casino Cleveland.  A gambler walked away with a $2 thousand jackpot Friday morning, and it's not the first time.

"Our last Friday the 13th was last December and we had three big jackpots that day,"  Director of Public Relations Shannon Mortland said. "So several gamblers won several thousand dollars each."

However, Mortland said about 80 percent of gamblers are superstitious.  Some carry a lucky coin, or wear a special hat, sunglasses, or bracelet.

"We expect a lot of people to avoid the number 13 maybe when they're betting on roulette today," she said.

Friday was not only the 13th of June, it was a full moon, creating even more anxiety for the superstitious among us. 

But what we shouldn't be superstitious about are black cats, according to Cleveland APL President and CEO Sharon Harvey.

"They will not bring you bad luck," she said. "Your roof will not come crashing down. But they will bring you a lifetime of love and companionship."

Harvey said 20 percent of the 150 cats the APL has right now are black.   She hopes people will ignore the myth and give them a home.

"The worst luck that a black cat can have is not to go home with someone where they'll get love," she said.

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