Cleveland school levy gets an ear in the suburbs

NewsChannel5 anchor moderates levy discussion

MAYFIELD HEIGHTS, Ohio - Voters are being asked to pass a 15 mill levy for Cleveland schools, but Cleveland's mayor and school superintendent went outside the city to make their case Wednesday.

The two engaged in a lively discussion with NewsChannel5 anchor Leon Bibb at the Corporate Club Luncheon at Landerhaven in Mayfield Heights.

[WEB EXTRA VIDEO: Leon Bibb shows off elementary school report card]

At current tax collection rates, the levy will raise about $65 million a year for the schools, according to CEO Eric Gordon. 

Cleveland schools have lost millions of state and federal dollars as well as local tax collections due to foreclosures.

"Our goal is to have quality education," said Mayor Frank Jackson, the architect of the plan to raise student achievement and graduation rates in the schools. 

As for why anyone living outside of Cleveland should care, Jackson said, "Whatever happens in Cleveland is going to happen somewhere else."

There were also some lighter moments in the program. Click on the video to see what the school superintendent thinks of Leon's 4th grade report card. 

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