Cleveland company 'Ray's Sausage' featured on Bizarre Foods America episode

CLEVELAND - A Cleveland business, Ray's Sausage on East 123rd Street, gets a big shout out on Monday night's episode of the Travel Channel's Bizarre Foods America with host Andrew Zimmern.

Zimmern checked out the souse made at Ray's. That is a sausage product made with pig's snoot, ears, tongue, cheek meat and secret spices.

It comes in a loaf and is usually sliced and eaten with cheese and crackers. It can also be used to make a sandwich.

Leslie Lester, a third generation family co-owner, said Zimmern went through the whole process and "he even put his hands in and did some work and we sliced up a couple loaves of souse and he tasted it and he loves it."

Lester says souse is known as a gourmet product and Ray's is "made with love. That's why everyone loves it."

Ray's Sausage is also the only company in the country to make a 100 percent all beef souse.

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