Cleveland rally at Free Stamp protests shooting death of unarmed Ferguson, Mo. teen Michael Brown

The shooting death of 18-year-old Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri is drawing people together in Cleveland for a rally Thursday.

The event , part of the National Moment of Silence movement, will be held at the Free Stamp downtown in Willard Park , beginning at 6:30 pm. A moment of silence is planned for 7:20 pm.

A police officer fatally shot Brown , who was unarmed, on Saturday. For the last four days, unrest has run rampant in Ferguson

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The peaceful event planned in Cleveland coincides with similar events taking place in more than 50 cities across 30 streets.

Organizers said the vigils are about giving people a chance to reflect on the recent incident.

“We are all humans,” said Eris Dyson, a social justice advocate. “We were all born on this Earth. We all should have access and equitable access to rights to be able to live, breathe and exist without having to walk down the street worrying if the color of your skin or the clothes that you're wearing are going to matter in how the police are going to interact with you.”

Petitions will also be passed around, aimed at ending violence involving police. On Twitter, residents of the besieged suburb are pushing back against the negative attention with the #thisismyferguson hashtag.

On the Facebook page for the Cleveland program asks that attendees wear a red ribbon, bandana or piece of clothing to show solidarity.


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