Cleveland police radio system goes down, running on backup

City-wide radios are not functioning properly

CLEVELAND - The city of Cleveland had a city-wide communications system failure Monday morning when its radio system went down.

Officials said the radio communications system failed at 9:04 a.m., impacting all city operations including airport, utilities, public safety and other general fund operations.

A partial restoration of service happened at 9:42, which enabled city dispatchers to bypass their consoles and use portable-to-portable communications.

During that time, Cleveland's public safety director Marty Flask said, "Fifteen calls came in, one was a priority one, a domestic violence call, dispatchers called the second district and the commander sent two police cars to the call."

911 is operational and is dispatching calls via multiple methods, including I-mobile, fire station alarms, cell phones and land line. The reason for the failure remains unclear, but Motorola and city staff are working on the problem.

Flask said the city is in discussions with Motorola to replace the entire system.

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