Cleveland police officer arrested, accused of negligently using Taser on woman at gas station

CLEVELAND - A 20-year veteran of the Cleveland Police Department was arrested Friday for allegedly negligently using a Taser on a woman.

Police Chief Michael McGrath said the incident occurred Jan. 1 at the Marathon gas station on East 55th Street near Woodland, and it involved 55-year-old officer Leonard Moore.

According to the police report, the alleged 27-year-old victim and her friend went to the gas station to get something to eat. While they were waiting in line, the report said Moore walked up to the two and apologized for using a Taser on the victim's friend earlier in the night.

The victim told Moore she "did not want to hear anything from him."

Then, as the victim turned around, she heard a pop, then her whole body stiffened up – and she fell to the ground in pain, the report said. She said Moore then started apologizing while calling 911 for medical treatment for her.

The report said the victim was able to pull one of the Taser prongs out of her breast, but was unable to remove the other. Paramedics helped take it out and then took her to the hospital for treatment.

McGrath said the charges were filed as a result of an internal investigation by the police.

Until the criminal case is resolved, Moore will be assigned to restricted duty, where the department said he has limited contact with the public and does not respond to emergency calls.

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