Cleveland Police officer accused of manslaughter in deadly 2012 chase appears in court

CLEVELAND - Former Cleveland Police Officer Michael Brelo appeared in court Wednesday on charges stemming from the deadly November 2012 police chase that left two dead.

Brelo was one of six officers who were criminally charged in June 2014, but only he was charged with voluntary manslaughter.

Timothy Russell, 43, and Malissa Williams, 30, led Brelo and Cleveland police officers on a 23-minute high-speed chase. The chase ended with a shootout in the parking lot of Heritage Middle School in East Cleveland.

Brelo fired 49 of the 137 bullets that were fired into Russell's car by Cleveland police officers, more than any other officer involved.

Brelo fired 15 shots at the victims from close range while he was on the hood of Russell's car.

Investigators later determined Russell and Williams were unarmed.

During Wednesday's hearing, attorneys argued over a trial date and whether defense should have access to grand jury transcripts.

The grand jury also charged five supervisors with dereliction of duty. Those officers include: Sgt. Michael Donegan, Lt. Paul Wilson, and Sgts. Randolph Daley, Jason Edens and Patricia Coleman. These officers will be reassigned to restricted duty pending the adjudication of the criminal charges.


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