Cleveland Police crackdown on heroin traffic in the 5th district

CLEVELAND - Cleveland police are trying to do their part to combat the heroin epidemic.

Officers have been fanning out across the fifth district for about six months now, arresting both sellers and users.

"Ultimately our goal is to try to stem some of the heroin overdoses and to stem some of the things that plague the community in terms of drug trafficking," Fifth District Commander Dennis Hill said.

Thursday afternoon, police officers seized $180 worth of heroin as well as crack cocaine and a gun when they stopped a suspected seller and user at separate locations in the Collinwood area.

"They witnessed a drug transaction," Hill said. "One team stayed with the buyer. One team stayed with the seller. There was a surveillance and a follow to this location where there was a traffic stop affected. There was an interview of the seller and subsequent recovery of the drugs."

Hill won't say yet just how many arrests have been made since the initiative began. But he calls their efforts "fruitful."

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