Cleveland Police confiscate $100,000 of illegal fireworks

CLEVELAND - Cleveland Police have confiscated $100,000 of illegal fireworks in the city's second district.

Officers in the district's vice unit made a purchase of some fireworks from a man in the 3500 block of West 46th Street. During the controlled buy the Cleveland man who sold the fireworks asked the officers if they wanted larger commercial grade fireworks.

Police say the man then led them to a home in the 8700 block of Pleasant Valley Road where the undercover officers found an almost store like set up in the garage loaded with the illegal fireworks. That man and a 77 year old man police say lived at the home are expected to be charged in connection with the find.

The Second District's borders fall roughly on the Cuyahoga River to the east, Brooklyn Heights to the south, and Brooklyn, Linndale and W. 85th Street to the west. The district includes Tremont, Ohio City, the Detroit Shoreway, Old Brooklyn and more.

Second District Commander Thomas Stacho called the confiscation one of the largest in recent memory and reminded Cleveland residents it is illegal to use fireworks in the city of Cleveland.

"Simply possessing them is a misdemeanor, exploding them is a misdemeanor. If you have the large fireworks it could be considered a dangerous ordinance, we're going to charge you with a felony," he said.

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