Cleveland police arrest two after man trying to buy motorcycle off craigslist gets robbed, stabbed

CLEVELAND - Police in Cleveland's second district are warning residents about the dangers of crailgslist after a recent robbery and stabbing.

Just last week, a man interested in buying a motorcycle that he saw on craigslist met 25-year-old Thomas C. May at the Gas USA at West 65th Street and Denison Avenue, the police report said. But May brought the wrong title and asked the victim to follow him back to his house.

The police report said that once they were in a secluded area, May hit the man in the arms and face, saying "give me everything you've got." The 24-year-old victim handed over his $400 and May fled.

Days later, police arrested May and 26-year-old Dawn Hall, who officers call his accomplice. The victim suffered stab wounds and was taken to MetroHealth Medical Center.

In another incident, Cleveland police said that a suspect in the Tremont neighborhood was listing apartments for rent on the popular classified website, but didn't own the properties. The suspect would break into a vacant apartment, then show the potential renter around and even collect a $500-deposit.

According to the second district, the victims would be out the money and have no way to get in touch with the so-called landlord.

Cleveland police said do not purchase items off the Internet without checking on the seller. They also warn against meeting in secluded areas and going alone.

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