Cleveland police arrest three drunken men who they say fired upon officers Tuesday morning

CLEVELAND - Three men are behind bars for allegedly firing at Cleveland police officers Tuesday morning while intoxicated.

According to a Cleveland police report, it happened in the 900 block of Starkweather Ave. for shots fired from a residential window.

Officers arrived at the scene where they said shots were fired at them from a second floor window.

Officers took cover and repeatedly told the men, later identified as Kevin Donnellan, Scott Taylor and Kevin Kowalski, to come out with their hands up. Eventually, they did.

While clearing the home, officers found a Mossberg 500 shotgun, Remington 700, a Sturm Ruger 223, Baretta 9mm, Remington 870 shotgun and a Mossberg 715T.

The guns were found in rooms on the second floor of the home, most of which were loaded. There was also ammunition found around the house.

One of the witnesses told police he was sleeping when he heard gunshots ring out which prompted him to call police. The 911 caller said the men fired around 20-30 rounds.

Police said all three men were drunk at the time of the incident. Multiple beer cans and liquor bottles were found scattered around the house, according to authorities.

The weapons were confiscated and all three men were arrested and charged with firing into a habitation of school, using weapons while intoxicated and inducing panic.

Kowalski and Donnellan are due in court Thursday. Taylor is being held on a Parma warrant.
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