Cleveland police 2nd District officers find 3 assault weapons during traffic stop

CLEVELAND - Second District Cleveland police officers found an AK-47 and a .38 revolver in a car that was pulled over Wednesday night.

Officers McNeeley and Norman stopped the vehicle for a traffic violation.

Police said two men fled on foot and Norman gave chase. He caught one of the men who they said was carrying a MAC-10 machine gun with a silencer. McNeeley arrested the driver.

Several masks were also found in the car.

Commander Keith Sulzer said on Facebook that the officers did a great job. "I I am very proud of these 2nd District officers and their commitment to this community."

The police report said the AK-47 was fully loaded with 28 live rounds and the .38 revolver had four live rounds in it.

This comes two weeks after deadly police chase and shooting which started in the 2nd District and ended with a man and woman dead.

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