Cleveland plow crews shift into neighborhoods

CLEVELAND - Less than 24 hours after the snow ended, city of Cleveland snow removal crews have moved into its neighborhoods.

While some streets in various parts of the city have yet to be cleared, 55 pieces of equipment are working around the clock to tackle the task.

In the South Hills neighborhood Friday evening, Terry Lipnick was flabbergasted to see a plow on his street.

“You have a better chance of spotting a polar bear in this neighborhood in the winter than you do a snow plow but obviously one came right here when the news showed up. Thanks Channel 5."

While those of us here at NewsChannel 5 like to be “On Your Side”, all the credit for the plow in his South Hills neighborhood belongs to the city.

Lipnick described what the scene was like earlier in the day before the plow arrived.

“There were people stuck all over today, down the street here, down the street there,” he said.

The city asks residents not park on side streets to aid the crews clearing the streets. A snow parking ban remains in effect for streets marked with red and white parking ban signs.

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