Cleveland officials say all the city's potholes won't be filled until summer

CLEVELAND - Cleveland's public works department said 50 percent of the city's main roads have had potholes filled, but it won't get to all city streets until at least July.

"This is where I was born and raised," said Public Works Director Michael Cox. "This has been one of the roughest I've seen."

Cox said his department receives more than 100 calls a day from angry drivers complaining about city potholes. The city has 10 to 12 work crews on the road seven days a week.

"I know folks are very frustrated," said Ward 7 Councilman TJ Dow. "We have people out there working very hard to get this right, but we did have a very bad winter."

The city blames the hot and cold temperatures over the past few weeks for the spike in potholes.

Cleveland considers potholes about 5 inches deep to be hazardous and will have those filled within 48 hours after a resident calls it in.

To report hazardous potholes call, 216-664-2510.

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