Cleveland natives Joe and Tony Russo premiere 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier' in Valley View

VALLEY VIEW, OH - The line was jam-packed and snaking around the building for the new "Captain America" installment's Tuesday premiere in Cleveland.

"It was great. It was action-packed. There was never a dull moment and you were on the edge of your seat," said Rose Zitiello, who saw the movie.

"The Winter Soldier" was directed by Joe and Tony Russo, who grew-up in Cleveland and attended Benedictine High School on Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive.

"We were there [Tuesday] and had a really nice time interaction with students," said Tony Russo.

The event, was mainly for cast and crew, took place at the Cinemark Valley View movie theater and started after the directors spoke to the crowd all five rooms where the movie was playing.

An estimated 1,500 people were on hand at the Cleveland premiere, which was one of six locations worldwide, along with London, Beijing, Paris, Los Angeles and Washington D.C.

Joe Russo said premiering a major film like “Captain America” in one’s hometown "is as rewarding an experience as you could ask for."

Ivan Schwarz, who runs the Cleveland Film Commission, said the city is "starting to get a good reputation," among filmmakers, building good word of mouth and drawing repeat customers.

Case in point, the producers for "Alex Cross" and "Fun Size" filmed in Cleveland, and some of those producers returned for the Kevin Costner flick "Draft Day," which goes deep inside the Cleveland Browns front office for the NFL draft.

"In the last four years, we've had over $300 million in economic impact in the city and have created over 1,100 full-time equivalent jobs. We just want to keep building on that," Schwarz said.

Also on hand for the premiere was former US Senator Chris Dodd, who is now Chairman of the Motion Picture Association of America. He said about $430 million dollars in wages is generated in Ohio from the film/television industry.

By bringing “Captain America” to Cleveland, the Russo brothers help put 930 people to work and $30 million in local businesses.

"That's hotels, car services, restaurants, laundries, all benefited from the weeks of shooting in Cleveland," said Dodd.

Standing next to Captain America’s shield was Governor John Kasich's wife Karen and their two daughters Emma and Reese. The Governor was not on hand, but his wife was more than happy to attend her first film premiere in Cleveland.

"The Governor was as thrilled as I am that not only was the movie made here, but they brought a premiere here to Cleveland," she said.

When the movie finally let out around 9:15p.m., we caught up with Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson who liked what he saw.

"It was pretty good. They did a great job. I saw a lot of Cleveland in it. A lot of action and a good story line," he said.

The Russo brothers, who’ve signed-on with Marvel to direct Captain America 3, have not ruled out shooting in Cleveland again.

"We are not that far along yet; we literally have just started talking about it," said Joe Russo. "Part of the process is letting this movie come out so we can see how people respond to it before we really define what we are going to do with [Cap 3], but Cleveland is always in our hearts.”

Marvel has a major film release on May 6, 2016. Several online publications have linked that as the possible release date for Captain America 3. But that weekend may turn into a superhero battle as reports also suggest that’s when the untitled "Batman v. Superman" movie will hit theaters.

Although fans may want to see Marvel and DC fight it out, Forbes says it’s unlikely to happen because of money at stake for both franchises. Someone will blink, the online publication says, and move their date.

Will it be Captain America? Only time will tell.

Ultimately, it may not be decided by the Cap’s mighty shield as much as the box office. Some have called the latest movie a "game changer" for Marvel, which could surpass $500 million worldwide, according to

A movie grossing that much money may have enough Kryptonite to push back a "Batman/Superman" release date. If that happens, it may put the Russo brothers of Cleveland, among Hollywood's elite directors, which may, in turn, bring even more movies to the Rock City.

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