Cleveland mom behind bars accused of assaulting 18-month-old

CLEVELAND - A Cleveland mom is behind bars, accused of a assaulting her 18-month-old baby.

According to a Cleveland police report, a daycare called 966-KIDS Wednesday, after an infant was dropped off by his mother with unexplained bruises.

The infant was taken to Rainbow Babies & Children's Hospital where police met with the child's father who hadn't seen his son since Jan. 6, police said.

Authorities were told by doctors that the bruises to the infant's face, ears and legs were consistent with abuse, and it appeared the child had been beaten.

The infant was dropped off at daycare earlier in the day already in the bruised condition and daycare workers told police that the child's mother seemed anxious to leave.

Officers spoke with the mother when she arrived at the hospital, where she told them the bruises were caused by a medical condition. 

The infant's doctor told police the bruises were not caused by any medical condition.

The mother was read her Miranda Rights and arrested for domestic violence, but charges have not been filed at this time.

The baby was released to his paternal grandmother.

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