Cleveland Metropolitan School District explains why it closed schools Friday

CLEVELAND - More than 300 schools were closed or on a delay Friday morning.

The Cleveland Metropolitan School District made the decision early to close.

NewsChannel5 received a written statement explaining the protocol used to close CMSD:

1. We use a threshold of "when the wind combines with the temperature to make it feel like it is 10 degrees below zero or colder for several hours."  Today's wind chills were -14 to -17 over a prolonged period of time.  On days we decided not close, wind chills were above -10.

2.  "Hypothermia can occur rapidly in those unprepared for the cold. Any exposed skin can experience frostbite within a few minutes."  Many of our students walk or ride RTA (an estimated 15-20 minute exposure) and would therefore be at risk during these extreme conditions (prolonged wind chills below -10).

You can always get the latest list of school closings at

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